Special Applications


We occasionally receive requests to use the System99 for purpose other than which it was intended.  The sky is the limit – but this section will show you just a few “Other Uses” of the System99.  As always, please contact us directly and one of our technicians can discuss with you regarding whether the System99 will work for your needs.


The above photo represents the capability for the System99 to be used by a tree surgeon.  Whether you are a professional tree surgeon or a homeowner that enjoys doing it yourself, the System99 is ideal for these types of job.  Please note that special safety considerations must be taken when performing this type of activity (chain saws and rope don’t mix well).  One of our technicians can provide details on the additional measures that should be taken when performing these activities.
Who needs a ladder?!  One of our customers maximizes his enjoyment of his adult-style treehouse by securing the System99 to an upper branch.  He then proceeds to maximize the view from the trees and explores areas of nature that few of us ever go.  This same use could be modified for uses such as getting the best possible camera shots by climbing to places that no other photographer can go.