System 99 Personnel Raising and Lowering System

in Devault, PA

International Safety Equipment is best known for manufacturing The Essential Partner System 99 personnel raising and lowering system in Devault, PA, designed for personnel to perform a multitude of different tasks! This high-angle rope self-suspension system and family of accessories is one of the most versatile devices in the tool world. All of our Man-Rated Products fall into the O.S.H.A. General Safety Industry “Fall Protection” Equipment Category. See below for the configuration of our System *99/A*, and *99/B*system variations.

System *99/A*

  • The “A” in the System *“99”/A* designation stands for “Adjustable Mechanical Lifting Advantage”.  It is more versatile than the System *”99”/B*, but it requires a highly-trained individual to perform the different configuration changes.
  • The *99/A* System can be ‘down-rigged’ into a ‘1 to 1’ lifting advantage system. In this form, it is usually used to control descent or to raise an empty harness, chair, or a lightweight load (SEE BELOW).
  • The *99/A* System can be “RIGGED” in several different ways. The standard *99/A* Stock System is rigged to provide a ‘2 to 1’, and comes with one stock #1030 pulley.
  • By adding additional multi-roller/split type of pulleys, the adjustable mechanical lifting advantage system can be further up-rigged (’3 to 1′, ’4 to 1′, or ’5 to 1′) as conditions and loads may require. Several years ago, we made one up rigged to ’10 to 1′ for a veterinarian at Texas A & M’s Vet Center, so he could lift cows, bulls, and other oversize critters in the field.
  • If you wish to up-rig your system by adding additional pulleys, remember that one or two additional #2210 karabiners will be needed to hang the additional pulley.
  • The Standard *99/A* ’2 to 1′ System measures 30 inches from above the top karabiner to below the bottom karabiner. When configured in ’3 to 1′, ’4 to 1′, or ’5 to 1′ form, it measures 40 inches.
  • Please keep in mind that the *”99”/A* System requires what we call “RIGGING TRAINING”, and should be used ‘ONLY’ by highly-trained personnel.


System 99 Personnel Raising and Lowering System in Devault, PA

System *99/A*


Above Ground Raising Equipment Devault, PA

“99”/A Up-Rigging


System *99/B*

  • The “B” in the System *99/B* designation stands for “Bolt Together Pulleys” lifting system. This describes the more simple configuration of the *99/B*. It effectively makes it slightly less flexible than the System *99/A*; but, it is also much more user-friendly, and does not require special training on how to configure it, and utilize it.
  • The *99/B* is best suited for industrial applications, such as industry fall protection equipment, as opposed to operations such as a fire and rescue lifting-lowering system. It is ideal for casual users, such as a tree house lifting-lowering system.
  • The *99/B* Standard System measures only 30 inches from the top of the top Karabiner to the bottom of the bottom Karabiner, and weighs only 12 pounds.
  • Overall, the *99/B* lends itself more to industrial type applications, whereas the *99/A* system may be more appropriate in fire and rescue type applications.


High-Angle Rope Self-Suspension System in Devault, PA

System “99”/B