Fire and Rescue

Fire Rescue System*99

The System 99 Personnel Lifting-Lowering System is the ideal rescue and recovery tool due to its small size and ability to operate in a confined space and attach to just about any secure overhead attachment point.  Since many rescue situations need to occur in minute, not hours, this system is critical to have on hand to save lives.  This section will describe the many ways that the System 99 can be used to preserve human life in the event of an accident.


High Angle Rescue

The below series of photos tell the story of a simulated rescue that took 25 minutes from start to finish.

Rescue Simulation Tower #1Rescue Simulation Tower #3Rescue Simulation Tower #2

Mid-Air Rescue

Ski Lift Rescue #1The scenario to the left depicts a rescue from a chairlift using the System99.  In this scenario, the rescue technician would first climb a cable tower, then traverse the cable – to rescue the stranded victims and then move on to the next stranded victims. This is typical when the cable is at great height.

When the cable is lower, the highly portable and light System99 (3.5 lbs) can be raised to the cable level by throwing or shooting a tag line over the cable and then hauling the system aloft & tying it off to a secure object on the ground.  The rescue technician can pull him/her self up to the victims level if necessary to deal with injured victims – or he can stand and perform rescues as shown in the graphic above.  Please note that this type of rescue should only be performed by a trained rescue technician but it provides insight into the capabilities and flexibility of the System99.





Suspension Trauma

Suspension Trauma IllustrationWe at International Safety Equipment would be remiss if we did not highlight the dangers of a condition called “Suspension Trauma”.  You may have heard of situations where dangerous rescue attempts were made to recover someone hanging in mid-air and wondered why there was an importance placed on a quick rescue.  Many experts agree that this rescue must be completed in less than five minutes.

An Off-Site rescue team (such as a Fire Company Rescue Squad) will not have the capability will be able to get on site / set up / & perform this rescue in less than five minutes.  An onsite System99 will provide the ability for a trained rescue technician to either lower himself / or come up from beneath the victim – with the utmost in flexibility.

A great deal of additional information regarding this type of rescue can be discussed by contacting one of our technicians.





Rescue Accessories

We at International Safety Equipment (ISE) have a wide variety of accessories that can be used long with the System99 to accomplish either very specific types of rescues or the most flexibility in rescue operations.  Due to the nature of these tools, their descriptions can often be confusing and irrelevant for most uses.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs with one of our technicians.  We are very passionate about what we do here at ISE – your safety and the safety of others is our utmost concern.