Construction and Maintenance

Fire Rescue System*99

The most popular place the System 99 gets used is on the jobsite – though it is equally capable in its other uses.  The System 99 can literally make a job possible that was previously thought to be impossible.  If you’re a contractor, the System 99 can add countless jobs to the list of offerings that you have for your customers.  If you require the System 99’s unique capabilities for company’s internal purposes, the System 99 provides an easy a low maintenance way of accomplishing those tasks.  Below are several pictures depicting the many uses of the System 99 on the jobsite.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Due to our past dealings with so many different industries, we can help you customize a solution using the System 99 to fit just about any task.

The System 99 is also ideal for electrical work (or work around electrical lines) because its ropes will not conduct electricity (unlike many ladders).  Due to the ability to tightly control the movements of the person using the System 99, it is also ideal for use in confined spaces.

1220-SSJust because you’re working while hanging in mid-air doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable!  We offer a variety of bosen’s chairs to fit your needs.  Our bosen’s chairs offer the utmost in both safety and support.  After all, being suspended might be the most comfortable position you are in all day!

Please click our accessories link in order to view our latest selection of bosen’s chairs.






Worker suspended for paintingThe shot to the right and below show the System99 suspended from our “Roof-Rigger”, which is used in the event that there is no rock-solid anchor available from which to suspend the System99.  The “Roof-Rigger” is in wheel and is highly mobile – but is weighed down with a very appropriate level of weights in order to accommodate the weight of the suspended person and his/her gear.  Please check out our accessories page for this accessory and more.

Side shot of roof rigger





We’re proud to bring you the top equipment in the industry at extremely competitive prices.  If you are thinking we are an extremely specialized company, you’re right!  We feel that in this particular industry, safety is so critical that our management and staff need to be dedicated to getting everything right in order to keep you safe and working – while giving you the most flexible solution possible for the price.

Below are a series of addition construction and maintenance uses for the System99.  These do not represent anywhere near the number of different uses of this system in the last 35 years, but it will give you a good idea!


Leland Steeple Leeland-Jpg-29_B




The clocktower picture to the left pretty much describes itself.  To the right is a photo of a recent customer who typically uses a scissor-lift to reach the areas he is contracted to repair or paint.  At his one customer site in Florida, he noticed he would not have the luxury of using a scissor-lift due to the palm tree in his way.  He contacted us at International Safety Equipment and found a safe and inexpensive workaround!  We like to think it also made the job more enjoyable.